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Five Things Friday {Since You Asked...}

1. Q: Where did you get that sweet print in your kitchen?

A: The print in my kitchen is a Katie Daisy print {love her work!}.

It was a b-day gift from my dad and Bee. Chris and I chose What a Wonderful World for our first dance as husband and wife. {Awesome gift!}

It makes a happy addition to our kitchen. And it makes me smile. And sing.

2. Q: Are you still making burlap door hangers {burlees}? If so, where can I get them?

A: No, I'm no longer making burlees. It was fun while it lasted, but it as orders increased it got hard for me to keep up. While I enjoy crafting and making a little "fun money," my sweet babies are only at home for a short season of life and time spent making burlees was beginning to take time away from my family. Family trumps burlees. I'm sure you understand.

As s side note, I will be making a limited supply of $35 turkeys this fall since I've had a demand for them. {And then I'll be done. For real.}  Let me know if you'd like me to reserve one for you. :)

3. Q: Where do you sell your paintings?

A: I am praying for direction on this, but in the mean time I'm taking commissions. I love to paint. It is my creative outlet and it brings me joy to paint custom pieces for special people.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

If you are interested, please email me at chipperchickie@gmail.com for more information.

4. Q: Who is your photographer?

A: Our family photographer is Deanna Green of Deanna Green Photography.

This is her take on photography in her own words...

"As a photographer, I am always on a quest for finding the best light and the right angles. But it's much more than that to me. I feel like I am on a quest to find the light within and let it shine through my photographs. Who are you, really? What is your story? Where is that spark that makes you you? I want to find that light and share it with the world. That is my mission. And nothing brings me greater joy."

She is awesomely talented and I highly recommend her to all.

5. Q: Is that a "spanking spoon" in your purse? {You would not believe how many people have asked me that!}

A: Yes, I have a spanking spoon in my purse. But it is only one of many forms of discipline used in our home.

This article on discipline from Focus on the Family sums up our philosophy on discipline in a nutshell.

We view discipline as a loving way to instruct our children. Our hope is that this will help them understand that actions have consequences and in turn help them to make wise decisions in the future.

Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. -Proverbs 22:6

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