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Five Things Friday

Wow. It's been a while.

Were to start?

How about a quick update Five Things Friday style? Then, I'll be back next week with fun pictures and more stories.

1. First off, let me apologize for the time lapse. In the past month or so that I've been away, we've celebrated 8 family birthdays! And, we welcomed a new little one to the family through the birth of my sister's third child, Howard Van Becksfort. He's a snuggle bug.

2. Secondly, my time away has been emotional. {No, I'm not pregnant.} I have been in the refiners fire, so to speak. But I am thrilled to be there because I am seeing God's promise that my inner man is being renewed day by day (2 Cor. 4:16). And through this God continues to bring women into my life that are willing to walk along side me and pour their knowledge, wisdom and their very lives into mine. I continually feel the fullness of God's love through my family and these women. And I am full of thanks. I'll share more in future posts.

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3. Time with the girls has been extra fun lately. There is no better way to describe it than sweet. {Although we had a rough week a few weeks ago when both girls got into a fire ant hill, both girls had pink eye and Maggie was teething...that was a sad week.} AC is eagerly awaiting her birthday and thinks she might like a Sleeping Beauty themed party. {There was a day she changed her mind to Dora, but she's back to Sleeping Beauty now.} Here are some pictures of my real-life sleeping beauties...

4. I got a new car while I've been away. Actually, I had a wreck and therefore had to get a new car. The moral of that whole story {which I will spare you the details} is: Never cross over traffic to turn into a shopping center. Even if two rows of traffic are waving you through. Not a good idea. In fact, don't even wave people through. This story does have a silver lining {silver car} for me, though. And I've already put a sticker on it.

5. Finally, it's starting to feel like FALL! The morning air has been crisp. Football season has started. I have been getting out fall decorations and sorting through the girls fall clothes this week. I had my first {and second} pumpkin spice latte of the season. And, we even had a yummy cabbage soup for dinner last night. Bring on boot season!

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