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Five Things Friday

1. Evidently I won the Kentucky Lottery.{A dollar. But I still won.} Approximately a bazillion years ago. Before Tennessee had scratch off tickets of their own. Why mention this now? Because this stocking stuffer was one of my interesting finds while cleaning out my purses recently.
I also found some common mommy-purse thingies...
Some thought-to-be-lost thingies...
{Yes, this prescription is from 2010.}
Some nostalgic thingies...
 {Pictures of baby Aidan and Anne Catherine.}
 {Various programs and ticket stubs.}
 {Urinetown the musical, anyone? Oh, yes we did.}
 {This is when we sat in the box with Corey B. Trotz. I sang his jingle in my head the entire night.}
 {A chocolate wrapper from dinner at the Opryland Hotel...on our honeymoon.}
 {A key tag from my surprise birthday dinner at Chez Philippe...in 2008.}
 {Hospital release papers from Maggie's birth.}
 {Dr. Bubba's 2-week handout from Maggie's first visit to the doctor.}
 {My military ID...it has been expired since I turned 18. So, that's a few years old.}
{A ticket stub from Phil's last game as head coach of the VOLS.}
And, I did happen to run across some money and gift cards I didn't even know I had...score!
 I could have had a small sale with all the treasures I found in my little collection of purses.
But, I threw most of it out and this is all that I put back in my purse.

2. Now that you know I've been living my life as a closet hoarder, you will be happy to know that my cleaning spree continued to the laundry room/pantry. 
1974 called. They want their dryer back.
And their wallpaper. But I told them they couldn't have it. Cause I sort of love it. :) The wallpaper that is. They can have the dryer. And the floors. Please take the floors.
Seriously, I love my sunny little laundry room. Especially now that it's organized!
 {This is also a 70's original...that I happen to love!}
 {My great-uncled made this guy for me. He's a match holder. And his name is Smelly Cat...and it's not his fault. I thought he was a nice addition to the laundry room.}
{This door leads to a half bath that most people don't know about. AC just discovered it and has used it three times today. She says its "hers and Mimi's potty".}

3. In other business, my baby held a duck. A dead duck.
 And Chris and Pop added some ducks to our freezer.

4. Some friends came over to help prepare decorations for A Colorful Day at First Evan. Check out our inspiration pin board and come join us on Feb. 4th for a fun filled day!
Oh, and if you're in the market for a new iron, do yourself a favor and get this one.
It actually makes me like ironing. Yes, it's that awesome. {Thanks mom!}

5. And, I painted a piece for auction at Cirque du CMOM benefiting Children's Museum of Memphis.
Does it look familiar? Yep, this piece was inspired by a picture of my babies from last week's Five Things Friday post.

Happy Friday...and Happy MLK Day, too!


Stacey said...

Three things...
1. Is that a spanking spoon in your purse? hilarious!
2. I love the laundry room wallpaper. Keep it!
3. It was so good to see you at Hogan's bday.

Allyson said...

Is that OJ's lost glove - circa 1994?

Honestly, it reminds me of the lost "goodies" I find when cleaning out my old purses. The most common items in mine are: small salt packets, individual pieces of candy with things (like salt) stuck to them, and I must be a cracker hoarder, because every purse had smashed up individual packages of different types of crackers at the bottom.

Enjoy spending your lottery money. Don't blow it all in one place!

Brandi said...

Beautiful painting!!!!!!!! Fabulous laundry room, I would die for that big of space!!!! And the wooden spoon, is that to scare the kids??? I need one of those!!!! And the gift cards and money...woohoo!!!