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30-A Vacay

We just got back from our annual Cannon family vacation in Seagrove, Florida.

Even though vacationing with little ones is hard work {disciplining and ear/strep infections don't take a vacation}, I already can't wait to get back to my favorite little stretch of beach on 30-A.

I'd say the highlights from this years trip were sitting on the beach until sunset, porch sitting in the rain, good coffee, the Sugar Shak, lunch at George's {oyster tacos...yes, please!}, Seaside's 4th of July parade {always a favorite}, Chris catching a lady fish on his fly rod, Cannon catching a shark, watching fireworks on the beach, nightly dinners cooked by Pop, a Ryan Gosling spotting at Pickle's {I was napping with the girls, but Kara and Kellye saw him!}, and watching the girls play {AC loved the water and Maggie loved the sand}. Oh, and free antibiotics at Publix. They made little Maggie's last day at the beach a fun one.


And, just for fun, here are some links to pictures from the past couple of years...2010, more 2010, more 2010, more 2010, and 2011.

{Sorry about my lack of coverage of 2011...I was nursing, potty training, working outside of the home part-time, crafting, painting and getting my antique booth ready to open. Whew! Wears me out just thinking about it!}

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