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Five Things Friday

Five firsts for Darling Daughter during our summer vacation to Seagrove Beach, Florida...

  1. This past week was DD's first trip to the beach. She loved the sand {and quickly learned that it is not something yummy to eat} and she especially enjoyed playing in the ocean.
  2. DD also got to go to the Sugar Shack in Rosemary Beach {my very favorite candy/ice cream store} for the first time. It is tradition that Handsome Hubby and I take the kids to the Sugar Shack every year during our vacation. We let them pick out a few pieces of candy to ensure that their week begins with a solid sugar buzz. 
  3. DD wanted this sucker. Maybe next year.
    Cannon found some cool shark candy.
    Hallie Ann and Ellie sat on the Sugar Shack's porch with their loot.
  4. This past week also brought about the first time for DD to get to use her nifty seat. It's called My Little Seat and you can get it at Babies R Us. It was a shower gift from my sister-in-law {and super mom} Kara. It was perfect for feeding at the beach house. I highly recommend it. Especially for traveling.
  5. This Fourth of July week DD also got to try her first watermelon. She wasn't sure at first, but ended up loving it, as she does with most new foods.
  6. And finally, DD had her first emotional attachment to a toy. Meaning, she jumped and kicked and squealed with delight when we found it in the store. And then she threw a screaming fit if anyone else touched her new Blabla doll.

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