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Five Things Friday

1. Meet Skipper {the female lizard...evidently you can tell by her coloring} and Meatball {the Packman frog}.

We have been lizard and frog sitting for two special little boys this week.

They eat crickets {pretty cool to watch} and have special lights and have to be sprayed with water.

The girls have enjoyed watching them.

2. Chris went fly fishing this week at the Red River in Arkansas.

He caught 5 fish. Not bad for a newbie!

3. Anne Catherine is finished with her last day of swimming lessons for this week. It's been a tough week of swimming lessons. She's already told me she doesn't want to go today...but she can go tomorrow. :) I've had to bribe her with chocolate just to get in the car. {I did find out yesterday that her instructor is known as the Swim Nazi...so that could have something to do with it.} Even though I'm a mean momma for making her finish her lessons, I am proud of her for being brave.

Her daddy brought her some flowers as a surprise for putting her head under water every day. We used them as our centerpiece for dinner last night and she keeps them on her bedside table. She said, "They're all nice and pink!" {Her favorite color.}

4. While waiting on AC to finish swimming lessons, we found inspiration for our pending kitchen renovation. This is what I've been looking for...I love the colors, cabinet style, etc. I've been thinking I would like marble, but this granite looks great.

5. The girls and I have been swimming and sprinkler-playing with friends and cousins this week.


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