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Five {flip} Things Friday

While I was uploading simming lesson videos this morning I realized I hadn't loaded videos since Maggie was about two months old.

So, this Five Things Friday is a look at some videos from my flip. Old and new. 

1. Anne Catherine finished swimming lessons today! She can jump off the side of the pool and swim to her teacher.

And, she can jump off the diving board and swim to the side of the pool!

Way to go, big girl!

2. Maggie is getting closer to walking. But she's not happy about it. I tried to get some video of her side-winding, two-stepping thing she's got going for herself but she wasn't into it this morning. We'll try again later. :)

3. Anne Catherine loves to sing along with vidoes on the comuter. This is her singing Amazing Grace with the Celtic Women {she thinks they are princeses}.

4. This video is several months old, but "uh-oh" was Maggie's first word {other than Mamma and Dadda}...

5. I know I say this a lot, but they grow up too fast...

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