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We didn't go anywhere special for Memorial Day weekend. We just had an easy weekend at home.

And it was nice.

Friday afternoon we went out to Shelby Farms to play at the park and have a picnic.

Saturday morning we tried to go to Bryant's {on Summer} for breakfast...but we didn't have cash...

So we tried to have breakfast at Brother Juniper's...but it was a 45 minute wait {which is not fun with two hungry toddlers}...

So we ended up downtown, eating brunch at Cockadoo's.

And, as always, it was yummy!

Anne Catherine built a tower out of jams and creamers while she waited for her strawberry pancakes.

{Maybe she'll be an architect when she grows up...}

We shopped our way home, took naps, had a little sprinkler play time, ate dinner out and went to bed.

Check out the matching PJ's...

On Sunday we went to church, had lunch with our friends, took naps and headed back out to Shelby Farms.

Then we had Pizza for dinner {Notice that I did not cook much this weekend? Ha!}.

On Monday, Maggie and I slept in and Chris and AC went to Starbucks to pick up bagels and coffee.

I think that might be my love language...letting me sleep until you wake me up with Starbucks. :)

The rest of the day was pretty lazy.


Anne Catherine had her first swimming lesson.


She started out excited and said that she was going to learn to swim under water "like a mermaid and a penguin."

I guess she didn't realize that mermaids get their hair wet.

She was still acting tough when we picked her up, but she said she didn't want to go back. Poor girl.

{Tonight she said she's going to show us how she puts her head under water and kicks her feet when she takes a bath. We shall see...}

Later that night we went to a cookout {Kara cooked a feast} and I brought along the one thing I cooked all weekend {besides sandwhiches...if those even count}.

It was festive, easy, and only 4 Weight Watchers points+ per serving! {Here's a link to the recipe. }

Happy start of summer!!!

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