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Five {NYC} Things Friday

I had another birthday this week and my sweet hubby took me to NYC to celebrate...and to get away for a few days.

Just the two of us.

He spoils me.

Here's a quick run-down of the trip. Five Things Friday style.

1. We ate. A lot. Eating is quite possibly my favorite thing to do in New York.

We were only in the city for three days and two nights and we managed to eat at 7 different places. Plus street fare {bagels, pretzels, gyros, some sort of meat on a stick}.

Luckily we walked our booties off. So it all came out in the wash.

Crepe Cake and Ricotta Cheesecake, and Macaroons to go from Bouchon Bakery.

We didn't make reservations for the first night and had planned to eat at the Shake Shack, but stumbled upon this place near our hotel. And it was really good! I had the BEST veal ravioli.

We ate at Minetta Tavern our second night. The guys from Balthazar {another favorite of ours} are the Executive Chefs here, so we knew it had to be good. We had the Huîtres et Crépinettes {truffled pork sausage with salt pond oysters on the half shell} to start. It was amazing. And for our main course I had the Halibut special and Chris had a Fillet Mignon. Mmmmmm. All delicious.

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity III.


Lunch/Brunch at Sarabeth's. Chris had a lobster roll with homemade chips and I had a frittata and scone. Both delish.

We had lunch at the Palm Court in the Plaza. Chicken salad and a panini here. The food was very good, but the experience was more about the atmosphere. 

 Pinned Image
We walked up and down Bleecker looking for this little booger. Never found it. {It's on 7th Ave. Go figure.} But, we did have a tasty $1 slice of pizza while on Bleecker. Can't beat that.

2. We shopped till we dropped. Literally. {I don't remember the pain from our last visit to New York. But we were in our 20's then. That may make all the difference. That and I went for cuteness over comfort when selecting shoes for the trip. You live and you learn.}

We shopped the shops of Madison and 5th Ave, Soho boutiques, Century 21, and haggled our way down Canal Street in China Town.

Doing damage in Soho.

Soho is one of my favorite little pieces of the city.

This was an accidental shot, but it captures the cobblestone Soho streets. Love them.

This is me dropping.

3. We saw the sights.


At the Museum.

Oh how I love Central Park.

Croquet anyone?

Mole people.

View from our hotel.

Carnegie Hall. A couple of buildings down from our hotel.

Empire State. We went to the top in '08.

The Plaza.

Bus tour!

Getting into the map.

Only 12 people live in this building. Crazy.

Miracle on 34th Street.

Love all the old water towers.

Flat Iron.

Children that witnessed the 9/11 attacks made these tiles as part of their therapy.


Row houses.


 One World Trade Center. Soon to be the tallest building in America.

 The Sphere stood in the plaza of the World Trade Center as a sign of world peace.

 Fulton Market.


Lady Liberty.

4. And we even saw some celebs.

Tom Cruise - Tom Cruise films a scene in the rain for his new film "Oblivion" at the Empire State Building
Tom Cruise was shooting a scene for his new film "Oblivion" at the Empire State Building.
Our bus tour had to take an unexpected detour because of the shoot.

Eric Trump {is he a celebrity?} was on his way to work. We were right behind him. He's tall. And sort of looks like a vampire.

Joan Rivers Joan Rivers speaks during the 'Joan Knows Best?' panel at the WE tv portion of the 2011 Winter TCA press tour held at the Langham Hotel on January 7, 2011 in Pasadena, California.
Joan Rivers was walking into Sarabeth's...and she was wearing this outfit.

Oliver Platt {Mississippi Lawyer from A Time To Kill} was in As You Like It...
the play we saw at Shakespeare in the Park.

And I may or may not have seen Usher shopping alone at Bloomingdale's in Soho. He had on a fedora and sunglasses {and it wasn't dark outside}. For the record, he smiled at me.

5. We had a lot of fun. But, the best thing about the whole trip was having this guy all to myself.

Me and my love.


Amanda said...

I loved reading about your trip! Sounds like yall had a blast! :) And I see you survived a few days without your girls (I am sure not without a few tears shed...I did too!). :) Yah for time away with our hubbies!

Chipper Chickie said...

Thanks Amanda! I've enjoyed reading about your trip, too... Looks like so much fun! Happy Anniversary!