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Five Easter Things Friday

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

Life is full and we have been enjoying friends, family and beautiful weather! I'll do a catch-up post next week. ;)

Over the last couple of weeks the Easter Bunny has been busy finding fun treats to fill Anne Catherine and Maggie's baskets, so I thought I'd share some of his recent finds...

1. Rick-rack sun bonnet from the Women's Exchange of Memphis. This is especially for our blondie. It's adorable...handmade...will keep Maggie's head from burning up when we play outside!

2. A CD from Seeds Family Worship. This is for our budding star, AC. She loves to sing...and I've been trying to teach her Bible verses. A friend of mine told me about these CD's that put scripture to music...what a fun way to memorize scripture! Plus, you get two copies so you can give one to a friend and spread the gospel! The Easter Bunny thinks of everything!
Seeds of Courage Vol. 1

3. A small stuffed animal. It seems my girls can never have enough stuffed animals. These Biggy Piggy cotton friends are another handmade design available at the Women's Exchange. All of the stuffed animals they sell are unique and totally adorable! {The Easter Bunny loves that place if you couldn't tell.}

4. Monkey Bar Buddies. AC has been in big girl panties for a while now and she hates wearing diaper covers under her dresses {because "they are for babies"}, so the Easter Bunny picked up some Monkey Bar Buddies for AC at Spoiled Sweet. They even have some with ruffles on the bottom at Cotton Tails. So cute!
 playground shorts

5. Peeps on a stick! Our girls love marshmallows, so the Easter Bunny just had to get some Peeps! Why not put them on a stick? It seems everything tasty is now put on a stick, no? {btw, Peeps are on sale at Target right now!}

What has the Easter Bunny found for your kiddos this year???

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