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Speaking of...Five Things Friday

1. I gave my testimony during Sunday School last Sunday. I had never written down my personal transformation story before. And, to be honest, I kept second guessing myself all week while I was preparing. I even thought, "Is this really necessary? I mean, isn't everyone's transformation story the same...once was lost, now I'm found. It's just another testimony." {Can you believe that?! JUST another testimony!!!} In hind sight I realize I was under spiritual attack...In fact, I almost didn't even make it to church. But, when I did finally make it to church the congregation was singing:
"My sin, oh the bliss of this glorious thought
My sin not in part, but the whole
Is nailed to the cross and I bare it no more.
Praise the Lord! It is well with my soul!"  
I burst into tears. Those words touched me way down deep in my heart and at that moment I was excited {still nervous, but excited} to share my story. Simply put, sharing your walk brings glory to God. And, sharing my heart with close friends was a blessing to me as well. If you haven't ever given much thought to your own personal story, I challenge you to do so. Truly a blessing!

2. Speaking of church...A Colorful Day 4 was a wonderful day of fellowship and fun! {I learned about being a "controller" and the impact it has on others. I learned about eating healthy foods...and got some great recipes to try. And, I got to enjoy lunch with some sweet friends.} Many thanks to all who helped with decorations! And, thank you Pinterest for a little pinspiration! I think everything came together well.

3. Speaking of fun...Have I ever mentioned that I love spending time with my girls? :)
This is a new game that Anne Catherine and her Daddy made up...
the object is to see who can blow over the empty Capri Sun first.
Fun for all.
Maggie enjoyed it, too.

But here, she was not so amused.
Anne Catherine colored poor Maggie's head with a Sharpie.
Maggie didn't want to be a Zebra. :(

Do you like AC's makeup? She got into my mascara.
Only she could make a unibrow look cute. :)
 That's a girl after my own heart, right there!
While we were shoe shopping for Adult Prom I turned around to find
this sweetie in the floor trying on some silver pumps.
And then I heard, "Do you like this one Maggie?"
I think she did. :)

4. Speaking of my girls...our Valentine's day was fun! Anne Catherine and I made Valentines for her friends at school...
We made cookies for Daddy...
And we had fun with some paint...
Daddy brought home Valentines for his girls...
And...drum roll...I got an iPad! And I cried as if I had gotten jewelry. Ha! I LOVE it!
Then, that night Chris and I went out to dinner and headed downtown to the Orpheum to see The Million Dollar Quartet. It was awesome!!! If you're looking for something to do this weekend, go see that musical! You'll be singing and dancing the whole time...and, if you're from Memphis, you'll appreciate the Memphis history, too! {Thanks again for a special day, Chris! I'm a lucky, lucky girl! :)}

5. Speaking of my new iPad...It seems I'm not the only one in the family that loves it. Anne Catherine has already figured it out and can navigate the thing pretty well. Just this morning she was showing Maggie "Grober". Check out this link to 10 iPad Apps Designed Specifically for Preschoolers. AC is a big fan of AlphaBooks and The Monster at the End of This Book so far. And Angry Birds, of cousre. :)
The Monster at the End of This Book ($4)

Happy weekend everybody!

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