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Five Things Friday

1 - I cut some of our hydrangeas and brought them inside to enjoy. Aren't they purdy???

2 - Help! We have monkeys on our necks! Ahhh! {She's easily entertained. Just like her mama.}

3 - This is "Nata" {what AC calls herself}. And her favorite place to be is "soutside" {outside} with her Daddy.

4 - I've been trying to get some video of my sweet Magga-dee. Next time I'll try during Nata's nap. :)

5 - We've got big news at our house!

That's right! We've been in potty training mode for the past three days. I'll be sure to give a full report later, but I'm happy to say AC woke up dry and hasn't had an accident yet today! {I'm knocking on wood right now}

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