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The Potty Book

This is the book that started it all. {Thanks Bee!}

Did I think I would be spending my last week of my maternity leave potty training my 19 month old? No. But, I did not want to let this opportunity pass us by. And really, the timing couldn't have been better!

After reading this book about a bazillion times AC said, "Pee-pee potty?" And then she did. 

I know. It sounds too good to be true. But it is true.

I ran to Target to purchase a potty seat, training panties and potty treats {chocolate of course}.

Still, I thought it was a happy accident and that she was too young to potty train. So I kept her in diapers.

But then she did it again. {Look at her proud face...and the chocolate on that smirk.} 

And again. {Only this time it was poo-poo - yikes!}

Still a little skeptic, I decided we should at least test the potty training waters to see what happens. Why not? 

I did a quick Google search on potty training and we dove right in on Tuesday after AC's afternoon nap. As I changed her last diaper we talked about how gross it is to potty in your pants. She said, "Eww. Nasty!" and then we gave all of her diapers to baby Maggie. 

I'd like to tell you the rest of the day was smooth sailing, but the truth is that the rest of the day was a total nightmare! 

Every time she wet her pants I'd say {with a sad voice} "Oh no. Pee-pee goes in the potty, not in your panties." And every time she wet her panties she'd cry.  

I figured it was a good sign that it bothered her, but I felt a little like a mean mama. There were times that I wanted to cry with her. Especially at bedtime...I got her these special plastic "sleeping panties" for bedtime and they REALLY rocked her world. She HATED them. {Not that I blame her. They look pretty terrible.} By the end of night we both smelled like pee-pee and I was wondering what in the heck I'd gotten us into.

I asked Chris to pray for us that night. I knew I was going to need all the strength God could give me to get through the next few days. And I knew that this was a big change for our sweet girl.

Wouldn't you know it, the little stinker woke up dry the next morning! And she told me every time she needed to go potty. We had a few accidents, but I was so proud of her!

And each day just got better and better.

I'll spare you all the potty details, but I have to tell you more about the Potty book... 

During the potty training process AC has asked for it like she can't go potty without it. We have read this book so many times over the past few days that she can "read" it to me now.

This is her favorite part...

She gasps and says, "Sat?!"

"Toot! Did it!"

"Yay! Mommy happy! Daddy happy! Nata happy!"

Sweet little monkey. 

She's really got the hang of it yesterday. We even ventured out of the house to eat dinner last night...accident free!

Now I've just got to break her from the Potty book.

Wish me luck. :)


Anna Pearson said...

Okay, I am SUPER impressed with both of you!! I am going to attempt with Molly in a few weeks when we get back from the beach. Loved this post, and the pictures are precious. I'd love to know where you got that book!

The Toohigs said...

YAYAYAYAYAYYA! I want to run out and find that book pronto! Congrats!

Chipper Chickie said...

It was a gift, but I think you can get this book at Target. Good luck girls! It's really not that bad after you get past the first few days. :)