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My Big Girl

In preparation for Maggie's arrival, we thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and move Anne Catherine to a BIG GIRL BED!

She has done so well {only gotten out of bed on her own once}.

She loves the "ducks" on her sheets. 

And she LOVES playing in her big girl room! {I'll post pictures of her room soon.}

She has grown up so much in the past couple of months. I think she says a few new words every day now. {Yesterday she said "beautiful" and "butterfly" - I was pretty impressed!}

Maybe I'm crazy, but I think she's starting to understand that Maggie is coming soon.

She knows the nursery is "Maggie's" or "baby's" room {and she knows which room is now hers...I think she likes having the "big girl" room}. And when we go in Maggie's room she will say things like "night-night baby" and point to the crib. Or, she will pick up a baby toy and say "Maggie" or "baby."

She also likes to pat and kiss my tummy and calls it Maggie...but then again, she sometimes calls her tummy Maggie...and sometimes Daddy's, too. :)

She thinks my big belly is hilarious. I accidentally bumped into her with my belly yesterday and she let out a big laugh.

One day while we were coloring and playing with stickers {a new obsession} she even decorated "Maggie."

Here are some recent pictures of my precious big girl helping her Daddy work in the yard. She loves to be outside!


Amanda said...

These pictures are adorable of Chris and Anne Catherine. He looks like he is such a great daddy. She is looking so big!

mary john @ tootledoo designs said...

A-Yay for almost not pregnant anymore! Just in time for hot weather :)

B-that pharmacy story is so typical-people are NUTCASES

C-your yard looks great! now you can send Chris over to fix ours...