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Hello Dolly!

I LOVE Dolly Parton. Yes, the country music singer of 9 to 5 fame.

{Isn't she cute?} :)

Great voice! Spunky personality! And, the lady has a theme park! How cool is that?!

And, she's a Tennessean.

AND, because of her, books have become an important part of the lives of children in 500 communities in 40 states.

Including my very own sweet baby girl.

Back in 1996 Dolly founded the Imagination Library, a program that gives children of all socioeconomic backgrounds access to books and aims to inspire parents to read to their children.

As soon as my little one was born I signed her up. {I tried to sign her up before she was born, but you have to have an actual date of birth to register. Details, details.}

Every month since birth, Anne Catherine has received a new book. And she will continue to receive a new book each month until she starts kindergarten.

That's a lot of books, people! {And a lot of precious mommy-daughter/daddy-daughter reading time.}

The books are beautifully illustrated classics that are carefully selected with your child's age in mind.

This is one of her favorites:
Anne Catherine received a new book just earlier this week. She loves to help me get the mail and really loves it when there is something there for her...like one of these books!

I usually open it right away and let her look through it as I go through the rest of the mail.

Well, this month's book happened to have a picture of Mrs. Dolly Parton right on the inside of the book.

Anne Catherine got so excited and ran into the kitchen to show me...only she was saying "Mimi, Mimi!" Ha!

She was so excited to find a picture of her Mimi in her book! {Lookin' good, Mimi!} :)

But I digress...back to the details of the program...

Every child in a participating location is eligible. All you have to do is register. {And did I mention that it's FREE?!}

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