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Five {Fall Decor} Things Friday

So, I've been going on and on about posting pictures of our fall decor. And, since my camera is broken and I know I'll never get around to taking new pictures with my cell phone, I figured I might as well use the pictures I've already got. Even though they're bad.


That's just the way it goes sometimes.

And now that I've built them up so much I know you are sure to be disappointed because my fall decorations are super simple and nothing mind blowing.

But, here they are.

Five random {and bad} pictures of the fall decor in our den.
  1. This is our mantel {a flea market find!}. We've had this Pottery Barn leaf garland for about five years. I always put in on our mantel starting in October and leave it up until I decorate for Christmas. Other than that, I just added a few multicolored pumpkins {one green, one orange and one white - sorry you can't see them} and tied raffia {leftover from a previous project} to our preserved topiaries. We picked up the painting in Clarksdale, MS during HH's birthday trip last year {check out where we stayed!}. It's of a man playing his guitar in the middle of a cotton field. I love the colors in this painting and it's a happy reminder of our fun trip.
  2. This little guy sits on our hearth to the right of our mantel. It's a hollowed out gourd-o-lantern that we got this year at Market Central. I love his goofy grin. DD loves him, too, but he's a "no-no."
  3. On our hearth to the left of our mantel sits a big urn filled with cotton. This is the cotton Granny and I pick on our way back from my cousin's wedding in Greenwood, MS.
  4. This is a simple basket of various gourds and pumpkins we picked up at a local nursery. The figurine is an antique Staffordshire spill vase that I fell in love with a few years ago. It's a woman resting in sheaves of wheat. It seems fall-ish to me. And for some odd reason it reminds me of my Granny. {Maybe it's the way she's posed. My Granny used to pose like that for pictures when she was a teenager.} What you can't see very well in this picture is the acorn finial behind the spill vase, the way-simple {yet way-cool} mirror behind it all, and the piece of furniture that it all rests on. It may be my favorite piece of furniture in our house at the moment. It's an antique blanket chest that HH and I resently rescued from the sale room in a local antique store.
  5. And this is the stuff on the coffee table. Still keeping it simple. We got the candle sticks at Jolie Maison {one of my favorite stores for design inspiration} and I added Home Depot $1 pumpkins and tied some more of that leftover raffia around the candlesticks to finish it off. The only other thing on our coffee table right now is a stack of my favorite October magazines and a bird's nest {left over from my sister's baby shower} filled with dried mini-gourds.
  6. Again, I wish you could see our coffee table. Not because I want to show off my furniture, but because I want to brag on HH's handy work a little bit. It was an old school table we found for $50 at the flea market. HH cut it down, painted it, stained it, and added a wooden knob to the drawer. I love it and I think it looks strikingly familiar to some tables that are sold for over $700 at some of my favorite antique stores. He can be pretty handy.

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