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Crazy Busy

I've had a crazy busy day.


I promised a picture of the new me. So, here you go.

I don't love this picture of myself.

{I look shocked, yet tired. And it looks like half of my makeup has been rubbed off.}

But I do love my fall hair.

My bangs {which my sister-stylist says are great for the fall} are swept way to the side today. And we went dark. Very dark. Which I love. We're also letting it grow out during my pregnancy. {Not me circa 1996 long, but at least past my shoulders.} Your hair grows thicker and faster when you're pregnant, so we figured the timing was right.

Thanks for making me feel {and look} like a new woman, Allison! You rock!

And here are few more random bits...
  1. DD likes drink boxes. She's had two this week and is an old pro already.
  2. My baby said "BABY" this morning. As clear as clear can be. She was playing her Stella Doll when it all went down.
  3. We got sidetracked shopping in Target again. Oh, how I love Target. And oh how I love these silly monkeys. 
  4. The fall decor pictures on my cell phone are horrible {way too dark}. So, back to the drawing board on that topic. {I am very much looking forward to getting a fancy new camera for Christmas!!!}
  5. And, last but not least, I feel GREAT today!!! {It's gotta be the hair!}

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