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Just to catch up...

I had planned to show you my new fall hairdo and talk about fall decorating today, but my cell phone just died and all of my hair and fall decor pictures are on my cell phone.

Soooo, I guess we'll talk about that tomorrow. :)

But, as a fall decorating side note, in effort to allow DD to enjoy the fall decor as much as her daddy and I do, there are certain decorations that I allow DD to play with and certain decorations that are "no-no's."

And, she seems to love the decorations she can play with!

So much, in fact, that she began to rock one of her pumpkins.

And then she gave it kisses.

And THEN, she put it in her car seat. {Ha!}

I'm glad she loves her sweet little pumpkin.

{This morning I asked her where her pumpkin is and she brought it to me. Smart girl!}

On another DD note, the poor girl is teething again. This time she's getting 4 molars. And it looks painful!

I caught her chewing on her crocs this morning. {You can see the pain in her sad eyes.}

I told her to stop, and crushed her hopes and dreams. 

But, applesauce to-go seemed to cure her ails.
{Thank you Costco! She LOVES these things!}

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