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Five Things Friday

Five things that have made me smile this week...
  1. Sweetness. I walked in on this sweetness when I got home from work yesterday.
  2. Pretty silver. I failed to take pictures of all of my outfits this week for WIWW, but I can tell you that I wore this necklace almost every day. {I told you it was my new obsession.}
  3. Party planning. There's a first birthday in our near future. Time to pick a party theme!
  4. Cupcakes?
    Hula Monkey? {based on DD's favorite toy}
     or Polka Dots and Pinwheels?
  5. Chubby cheeks. I found this picture on my cell phone the other day. Love that little smirk.
  6. Baby Ava. I'm happy to report that baby Ava is not only doing well, but she is also the most stylish baby girl in the NICU. As of this morning she was sporting one of these. 

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