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Tomatoes Galore

Our little family took a trip to the Farmers Market this past weekend with one thing on our mind.

Heirloom tomatoes. {our latest food obsession}

We found pink tomatoes, green tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, and red tomatoes.

And, they all had fun names, like Box Car Willie.

AND, they all taste distinctly different.

The German Yellows were some of my favorites. Maybe because they are sweet. You know how I love "sweet."

We've had sliced tomatoes with our dinner for two days in a row. And, I still find myself wanting more.

Luckily, we still have a ton left over from our Farmers Market purchase.

I think I'll finally make that tomato pie that I've been dreaming about. {nom nom nom}

PS - Baby Ava has had a good morning. {Praise the Lord!} And, Sister has been discharged and sent home to spend time with her boys. Please continue to keep their family in your prayers as Ava continues to grow and heal in the NICU.

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