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WIWW and Other News...

So, in case you couldn't tell from the lack of resent posts, we've been a bit busy lately.

Just hanging out with family and friends mostly. {My favorite kind of busy.} And, also painting and moving furniture. {My other favorite kind of busy.}

Here's a quick re-cap to catch you up on some recent happenings...

My beautiful {and hilarious} sister-in-law had a birthday earlier this week. Happy b-day, K-ra!

{Yes, she's birthed 4 children and has the body of a model. Don't hate her because she's beautiful.}

Darling Daughter also had a birthday of sorts. She turned 9 months old this past Saturday.

And, she's recently started eating more "grown up" foods. Like non-mashed peas, squash, and chicken nuggets. The girl loves food!

She's also figured out how to use her stroller/walker. Check it out:

How cute is that? She's so proud of herself!

Ok, now time for WIWW. And again, I've failed to take pictures each day. But, I did get two outfits documented. {I blame it on my broken camera. Any suggestions for a new one?}

Outfit 1: work
shirt: Anthropologie {about 4 years old}
skirt: Banana Republic {the one I hadn't worn until this experiment}

Close up of the shirt. I like the birds sewn on the buttons.

shoes: Nine West {a gift from HH}

Outfit 2: work
shirt: Banana Republic {5 years old}
skirt: Brooks Brothers {also 5 years old}

Love me some seersucker!

The amber earrings were a gift from HH. {He has great taste, doesn't he?!}

shoes: Banana Republic

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406 Olivia said...

Did you hubs seriously pick out those fab green pumps?! Love them! And your baby is really cute and chubby.

Chipper Chickie said...

He did. :) Thanks for your comment. Love your hat, btw!

Ellen said...

Beautiful baby girl! And, I really like those amber earrings. :) I feel for you regarding the camera. I'm in the same boat, though I ordered a new one today. Here's hoping it's a good one. :S