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Thank you, Mom.

Pedies with Mom on my 30th birthday

Thank you for making the popcorn balls I wanted for my class party even though you'd never made them before. You taught me that I could do most things if I tried.

Thank you for driving 30 miles both ways through the thickest California fog I've ever seen just to see my "Leaf" poem on display. Going out of your way to do something that was important to me, even though it wasn't convenient, taught me the significance of putting others first.

Thank you for going to every dance recital, ball game and every other random activity I decided to try. You were my biggest cheerleader and having you there made me try my very best.

Thank you for teaching me manners and the importance of respecting my elders, for scolding me when I disobeyed, for making me work hard to earn my own money, for sacrificing to send me to college and pay off my car, for listening when I'm upset, for sharing in my joy when I'm happy.

Thank you for loving me just as I am.

Thank you for being my mom and my friend.

I love you. Happy mother's day.

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ahstone said...

That is the sweetest thing.....*sniff*