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My Company ROCKS. Seriously.

In effort to boost moral, and provide a fun work culture, the company I work for has theme parties, fundraisers, and other extra-circular activities. Well, it appears that everyone was in desperate need of a little boost...

Last Friday, Culture Shock {this is the name of the group that organizes these activities} hosted Odenpalooza.

Everyone was to dress as a rock star and was placed in a "band" {my band was Rutabaga Spank}. Each band had the chance to battle it out over music trivia games for the coveted golden guitar trophy. My team lost, though we gave a valiant effort!

I love to play dress up, but I must admit, I was not excited about Odenpalooza.

I felt like it was just another "thing" I had to add to my to do list.

Fortunately, I work with a very competitive, funny and creative group of people. The event was a smashing success!

It was a much needed afternoon of fun. I laughed all day.

Me and some of the girls in the office.
That's my manager with the purple hair. Yes, she too rocks.

The Principal/COO and CFO, respectfully.
{Our shy CFO actually shaved his head for this event. He won best costume.}

One of the bands.

The Oden Axls. These employees formed a real band
{all of the guys dressed like Axl Rose}
and performed a hilarious spoof of "If I Had a Million Dollars".

We do actually work for a living. I promise.

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