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Auctions 'n Such

We traveled to Union City this weekend to visit family and go to an auction.

I. Love. Auctions. And, southern, small-town auctions are the best!

They are set up much like an estate sale. But, when you arrive you get a bid number. Then, you scout out the goods, find your spot to sit and the auctioning begins! And, they sell food and drinks {everything is better with food and drinks}. You can really make a day of it.

DD was in charge of the bid number. She loves paperwork.

To begin the bidding, the auctioneer picks a piece of the lot, describes it, and announces the starting bid. There are usually no bites at this point, so the starting bid is lowered.

This is were it gets fun...because, let's face it, it's REALLY fun if you buy something. And if it's only $6, you don't really even have to like it...

You've WON that ugly statue of two old men.

Wait...are those old men in the statue drinking...no, wait...they appear to be drunk??? Oh, who cares...you've WON! Sweet victory.

Southern, small-town auctions are also an excellent educational experience. If you frequent them you may possibly learn a new language {chigger bite = nick, what-not shelf = display shelf}, learn a bit of history {a local prostitute and her fat son once lived in this house}, and you will pick up interesting facts about antiques {Wagner brand cast iron cookware is collectible and can date back to the 1800's - who knew?}. 

Handsome Hubby had never been to such an auction before. And, his competitive nature almost got the best of him. I could see his adrenaline pumping as he bid on two chairs I had been admiring. Before I knew it, he had exceeded the spending budget we had set for ourselves. It was a matter of winning at this point. I just knew we were doomed. Alas, he let the other bidder win. But, feeling defeated, he talked about those chairs for the rest of the day.

He did have the opportunity to redeem himself by winning a beautiful iron bed for Darling Daughter - and for only $65! Not too shabby.   

All of this action can really wear a girl out!

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