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Arachnophobia and Our New Washer

I am truly afraid of only a very few things. 18 wheeler trucks, kidnappers, roaches {did you know they can fly???} and spiders.

Handsome Hubby killed a Brown Recluse recently. This prompted a complete lock-down so we could bomb our house. HH set the bombs as we were leaving to go out of town Friday night.

I found it ironic that, when we returned home, we had to open all of our doors to air out the house for 30 minutes before we could enter safely {all of our windows had been painted shut}. I hope we didn't let those hairy little boogers right back in!

Well, during the 30 minute waiting period, HH went to pick up our new washing machine {hallelujah} while DD and I stood guard on the front steps.

Of course, I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of my sweetie.

She's the most fun!

Oh, and here's a look at our latest purchase. It's a top loading high efficiency washing machine. It was the same functionality of a front load washer, but it looks like a standard one...and is a bit more affordable.

We read reviews and spoke to several friends and family members about front load vs. top load. We heard many horror stories {even from the salesman} about mildew problems with front load washers, but we really liked that they use less water and less detergent than a typical washer. Not to mention, we really liked the way the front load washers look. 

But, we ultimately agreed that the look wasn't worth an extra $400...and we didn't want to risk the mildew smell. So, we found a top load option that, like the front load washers, uses less water and detergent. 

So far, we really like our super efficient, super quiet washing machine.

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