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Five Things Friday

1. We love Tuesdays. On Tuesdays we go to Kindermusik and then we meet our friends at Chic-fil-A for lunch and play. Then everyone takes a nice long nap. :)
 {AC's best buds...Nathan and Lucy.}
 {Maggie loves it just as much as the big kids!}
2.  We've been going to the park a lot lately. Fully taking advantage of the crazy warm weather while we can!! Both girls are fans of the swing and slide.
{You can almost hear the belly laugh in this picture!}

3. We took a walk yesterday to see if we could spot any "new life" in our neighborhood. We talked about how all the leaves died in the Fall {we gathered dead leaves on a Fall walk}...and that in the Spring the trees bud and make new leaves...and flowers and green grass start grow {we actually saw flowers growing on trees...AC thought that was cool}. We also talked about how Jesus died and came back to life...and that He gives us new life.
And, all that talking made the girls seriously, seriously thirsty.

4.  Speaking of "new life"...I'm finishing up some Easter burlees this weekend!!! I'll post pictures and begin taking orders on Monday. But for now, here's a peek at some rough {and do mean rough} sketches of my designs.

5.  Plus, I got some chalk cloth in and I've got some ideas brewing...so stay tuned!

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