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Five Things Friday

It's been quite a while since my last post, and I have so much to catch you up on!

I've been buried in burlap and paint...and wrapped up just in time to enjoy a work-free Christmas week with my family! Yay!

I'll hit some pre-December highlights today and we'll do some more catching up later on...

1.  In November, I worked myself sick...but luckily I had little elves on hand to help me deliver orders...and clean my house. Family rocks. {Thanks Allison, Chris and Daddy Steve}
I made a total of 47 turkeys...and have orders for more after the first of the year.
And I did a few more paintings...this one is a favorite of mine...

2.  Chris went hunting quit a bit and filled up our freezer with quail and chucker.
So, I had a good excuse to use my new Woodlands Spode.
We had a quail dinner!

3.  And, another night, we had some rabbit stew...from another hunt...it was AMAZING! One of the chefs at Jim's Place Grille actually cooked it, but I am hoping he'll give us the recipe.

4.  Anne Catherine decided to get the baby shampoo and "wash Maggie's hair." And, Maggie loved it. {I walked in on a giggling Maggie and a scared big sister.}

5. Family came in for our sweet Maggie's baby dedication on Thanksgiving weekend.

And that wraps up our November. :)

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