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Happy Birthday, AC!

My big girl is TWO today!

I am so thankful to be Anne Catherine's mommy. She is a blessing and she brings her daddy and I great joy!

At two, she is quite hilarious and can talk like a three-year-old {according to Dr. Bubba}, so we have to be extra careful with our words since she repeats everything we say now! She is very determined and persistent. Her favorite phrase is "I can do it by myself." And she usually can.

AC also has a loving heart. She adores her baby sister, Maggadi, and wants to share everything with her...most of the time.

I can't believe how fast these two years have gone by...and how much she has grown and changed in that quick time!

To celebrate, we invited friends to play at Priddy Farms pumpkin patch.

We picked pumpkins...

 Went on a hayride...

We {well, the daddies} cooked hot dogs and smores on a campfire...and we ate other goodies, too...

We had birthday cake...

And played and played and played!!!

Happy birthday, sweet girl! We love you!

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The Wingos said...

Such a fun party!