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Five {Oden} Things Friday

After six years, I'm hanging up my marketing/brand management hat and starting a new chapter in my life...stay at home mom/small business owner.

I plan to conquer the world one burlap door hanger at a time. Ha! Just kidding. :)

But, I will be opening an etsy shop to sell my burlap door hangers, and I will continue to commission paintings and sell antiques. {More on my new business venture to come later}.

Today I want to talk about Oden.

While at Oden I grew from a newlywed to an old married gal, I had two beautiful baby girls, I had the opportunity to work with one of the most recognizable brands in the world and I made some good friends along the way.

This Five Things Friday is dedicated to my favorite Oden things.

1. Photo shoots. Sometimes I got to be the model {I was even a hand model once}. And sometimes I was behind the scenes. But, this photo shoot with Ashley was one of my favorites.

2. Lunches. Many good times were had in the lunch room, or "Cafe O" as the locals call it. When we got a wild hair, we'd even venture out of the office to eat some of downtown Memphis's finest fixin's. Today my friends took me to eat at Miss Polly's on Beale Street. I had their chicken and waffles. Yummo!

3. Events. If Oden is good at one thing {other than "making the complex simple"} it is having a good time. From Chili cook-off's, to holiday parties, to the Oden Olympics {I don't mean to brag, but I'm a Bronze medalist in Rock - Paper - Scissors.}, to the Oden Open and Oden Tailgate, we always had something to laugh about.

4. Giving back. Oden picks a community project each year...and sometimes more than one.

{Granting a wish for Make-A-Wish}
{Warm Welcome Kits for families of Le Bonheur kids staying at FedExFamilyHouse}
{Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home Pack The Pantry food sort}

5. Oprah. I got to work at Oprah's Favorite Things 2007. And I actually got to meet her. {But I had to sign a release saying I would not post the pictures on the Internet. Darn it.}

Oh, and Oden's offices are pretty sweet, too!

Love and best wishes to my Oden family!

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Ashley said...

Love this post!! I still have a copy of that pic from our photo shoot... One of my favorite Oden memories, too! Congratulations as you start this new chapter :)