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Sneak Peek

Here's a peek at what Tootledoo Designs and I will be selling at the Germantown Festival this weekend...

Come by and see us!

We'll be in the shade...right next to the Funnel Cakes and ATM! Yippee! :)


Anonymous said...

I am unable to attend the Germantown festival this weekend but would love to purchase one of the turkeys you made in the picture above. Is there another place that I could buy one online or in a store?


Chipper Chickie said...

I'd love to make you a turkey! Email me at cortcannon@gmail.com and we'll talk details!


Allyson said...

Stinker. I couldn't make the GF this weekend either. I knew I was missing out on all kinds of cuteness. Will your Toad Hall both have any of the cute door decorations? I love the turkey, too. And, I might be interested in the pumpkin. I promised my kids we could try and make a burlap pumpkin for the door, but I have a feeling it's not going to be exactly what they were hoping for.


P.S. I might be wrong, but I think our paths might be crossings on Mon & Thurs. I'll try and give you a holler next time I "think" I see you.