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AC's First Play

This past Friday night Tootsie took Anne Catherine to see Briarcrest's production of Alice in Wonderland.

I was a little worried that she wouldn't sit still or would try to talk during the performance, so I packed lots of "distractions" in her diaper bag {like animal crackers and her baba}. But, Tootsie said that she did great!

She got excited when they dimmed the lights and enjoyed all of the action. And she made friends with the high school girls that were sitting behind them.

And, Chris and I got to enjoy eachother's company for a couple of hours...which is always fun for us. This time we went out for sushi and a trip to the book store. {May sound like a lame Friday night to some, but we loved it!}

Thanks, Tootsie!

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Amanda said...

On our date nights...we usually go eat sushi and go to a book store. And every time I think we comment on how funny that is. We are old but we don't care and enjoy the quiet from the kiddos! haha