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Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, y'all!

It's been a good week, but I am sooo ready for the weekend. {Translation = I'm POOPED!}

I've hit full-on nesting mode and have posted an official "To Do" list on our fridge.

{I know Chris is excited. He loves my lists.}

I delight in crossing tasks off with a black sharpie marker. It's so rewarding to be "done" with a chore.

Last night I cleaned out our linen closets, laundry room and pantry. And, while I felt a temporary sense of accomplishment {it is nice to be able to walk in our laundry room again}, crossing these tasks off the list just prompted me to think of a few other things I needed to add. {I've got to get a grip!}

I've also made a new list today. A "Things to Buy" list. {Another list that Chris is sure to love.}

Luckily, this list isn't as long as the To Do list.

All of these "things to buy" are in preperation for little Maggie's arrival, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things on that list for this weeks Five Things Friday.

  1. The Prague Market Sling by Serena and Lilly. I actually purchased this sling this morning! It's sooo cute and it's ON SALE! I see a lot of moms with an infant in the sling and a toddler in the stroller...what a great idea?! It looks like it will make life easier for the first few months of Maggie's life. And, it's available in my favorite color - green. Bonus!
  2. Monogrammed/Personalized Burp Cloths. Almost all of Anne Catherine's burp cloths have her name or monogram on them. So, Maggie needs some of her own! I ordered one from Little Hoot Designs recently. But, I'm going to have to get at least a few more.
  3. Nursing Cover. These are so handy for travel! They allow you to nurse in the car {while it's parked, of course} without flashing the masses. I'm not a fan of nursing in public, even with a nursing cover, but there are some brave moms out there that use these things so they can nurse just about anywhere.
  4. Small Diaper Bag. This bag from Little English will be perfect for the church nursery and MDO. And, Little English is having a Spring Warehouse Sale in Memphis Sunday, March 2 - Wednesday, March 9!!! {This girl loves a sale!}
  5. Sweet Daygown. Maggie needs something soft and sweet to wear home from the hospital, and I just love daygowns. I think we'll head over to Cotton Tails and the Women's Exchange to check out their selections.


Anna Pearson said...

You will LOVE the sling! I have the same one, and quite honestly one of the best things about it is that it instantly makes your outfit cuter! :) Plus, it gets better with a few washes. The embroidery gets a little more tattered, which looks cool. Enjoy!

Chipper Chickie said...

I have to admit...you are the reason I wanted this one in particular! You look so cute walking into MDO! :) So excited about it!