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Five Things Friday

  1. I've officially reached my 8th month of pregnancy. And I'm officially feeling like Jabba.
  2. That pink thing in my big girl's mouth is her "baba." Her Daddy and I think she is starting to get a bit old to have a baba, but I think I'll let her keep it until after she gets adjusted to sleeping in her big girl bed...and possibly even after the arrival of her new little sister. Whenever it is that we decide to lose the baba, it's sure to be a sad, sad day! She is quite attached.
  3. I love Target {in case you haven't already figured that out}. We recently got AC a new pair of pink patent leather loafers there--on sale for $8!!! They are so stinking cute! She loves to kick her foot out and show people her new shoes.
  4. I just realized that I haven't posted any pictures from our New Years Eve dinner with the Fratesi family. So, just in time for the Chinese New Year {celebrated in February}, here are some pictures from our new years celebration dinner...
  5. Bess and Tucker are getting big! They are learning their names and sitting on command. And potty training is getting better. They are super sweet and make me miss my Jack. Especially Tucker. Chris and I call him Jack by accident all the time...they are a lot alike. The puppies will be going to hunting school in Wingo, KY this summer! Chris is super pumped to have hunting dogs and I really think they will enjoy it, too! Here are some bath time pictures...don't they have the sweetest little faces?

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