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Another Snow Day

The snow started on Wednesday while I was at work. They let us leave early because the roads were getting bad fast.

It ended up taking me three hours to get from my office downtown to my driveway...and then my car got stuck.

Right at the bottom of our driveway! Ha! I'm just glad I made it home!

Chris tried to move it several times. I ended up having to wait until Thursday afternoon to move it. By that time the snow was melting.

I worked from home on Thursday {this is my work-from-home set up} and MDO was closed, so AC and I got to have another snow day together!

Since Maggie's on her way, I thought it would be fun to get my old American Girls Bitty Baby out of the attic for AC to play with.

She has her own diaper bag...

With baby powder and lotion...

And some little bitty diapers. {Real premie diapers that have to be over 20 years old!}

Anne Catherine LOVED the diaper bag.

And the tiny diapers.

So, we changed the baby's diaper. She pulled the dolls dress above her head and placed a diaper on top of her. She's going to be such a helpful big sister!

Okay, mom. Now what?

We had crazy hair and stayed in our pjs until after lunch. So fun!

After lunch, we re-discovered some cool shades!

And then we cooked them. Why not?

We didn't get out and play in the snow. We just looked out the window at how pretty is was. {I needed to stay by the computer for work.}

And we ended the day by making a chocolate cake.

Ummmmm!!!! Happy snow day to all!


Anna Pearson said...

What adorable pictures! My mom and I have looked everywhere for my bitty baby. We've found lots of the accessories, but no baby. All of your things are in such great shape! Molly is currently using my bitty baby's moses basket for her bird puppets since we don't have the baby! Oh well!

Won't be long till she'll have a real baby to play with!

Chipper Chickie said...

Thanks, Anna! I love that Molly is using the moses basket for her birds! Too cute! CONGRATS on the arrival of little Graham! He is adorable!!!