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The Tree Hunt

Christmas is our absolute favorite time of year. Really, we love the entire time between October and the end of December. But, the Christmas season is our favorite part.

This week I'll do my best to catch you up on how we celebrate Christmas.

Today we'll start with the tree hunt.

We put a live tree in the den and a pre-lit tree in the living room. The pre-lit tree is very easy to assemble and decorate, but we just love the smell of a real Christmas tree, so we end up doing two trees every year.

We got started a little later than usual this year, but we found the perfect tree! It made DD do a little Christmas dance.

HH and DD also picked out live garland for the stair rail, mantel and front doors. It smells amazing!

DD loved walking around Stringer's and looking at all the trees and plants. She cried when it was time to leave. 

Maybe we have a future gardener on our hands.   

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