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It's December already?!

I don't know about you, but November really flew by for me.

Here's a quick update on what we were up to last month:

-We had a fun weekend with our sweet friends the Easts and the Wadlingtons. The East's little girl, Harper, and DD got to hang out for the first time. We all went to a tailgate party {DD's first tailgate} and then the guys went to the UT/Memphis game while the girls went to dinner at Molly's La Casita. It was so much fun! We wish they would all move back to Memphis some day.
DD and Harper's pajama party {not sure why it loaded sideways}.

-The next weekend I got to visit with Laura, another friend that moved out of town. We had breakfast at J-Frat's {it was super yummy, btw. J-Frat is an excellent cook!}. Laura is expecting baby #2 also! It's always fun to catch up with friends.

-Last month we also had a lot of family visits. First, we saw my Dad and the girls. We had a Benihana birthday celebration for the November birthdays {Hannah and B}. Dad and DD became fast friends over a hibachi dinner. My girl loves some shrimp!
 The birthday girls.

-Next, we saw my Mom and Granny. We tried hard for a cousin's Christmas photo at my sister's house, but trying to get two 1 year-olds and a 4 month-old to pose for a picture is nearly impossible. Here's a peek at some of the better shots.
We also had a yummy Cracker Barrel dinner with Mom and Granny. DD, a true girl and lover of shopping, had a ball in the country store!

-And last, but not least, we traveled to Maryville for Thanksgiving with Chris's family. His sister Kara and her family live there and are so kind to open up their home to us every year for Thanksgiving. I don't have these pictures loaded to my computer yet, and it was an action packed weekend, so I'm going to save the Thanksgiving weekend details for another post.

-We hosted our annual Fall Feast last month, too. Every year HH and I {but mostly HH} cook a big fall themed meal and invite some friends over to share it with. It's always a little bit different each year and it's always one of my favorite meals of the year. This year was no exception. HH roasted two whole chickens {that would make you slap your mama} and made his famous butternut squash soup {a must-have repeat every year}. We also had some haricot verts and fingerling potatoes, bread {thanks to the Fresh Market} and Pioneer Woman's Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Cheesecake {my very first cheesecake - and it is a must try - if I do say so myself!}. Our guests for this year's feast were our dear friends the Fratesis and Curlins and their sweet children. {The little ones dined on hot dogs and cheese puffs.}
I love using china!
 Last minute centerpiece {borrowed from our front steps}.
 Cheese, glorious cheese! 
Part of the kiddie table. {Wish I had gotten a picture of all 5 kiddos.}
 The life of the party.

-In other November news, our dog Jack ran away. Again. Only this time we think it might be for good. The last time he ran away {on DD's birthday} he came right back, but his tags were gone. So this time he is on the loose with no identification. He's run away a million times and somehow ends up back with us every time, so I haven't given up hope that he'll be back with us soon. But, it's sad around the house without him. DD asks for Jack every morning. :(

I'll be back soon with an important update worthy of its own post and tomorrow I'll talk about our fun Thanksgiving weekend!

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