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My Baby Bumble Bee

Halloween weekend started with a trip to Zoo Boo on Friday night.

Then Brock and Grace had us over for lunch and football. Grace made homemade lasagna! {Yummm!}

Then DD and I took a long nap and woke up to to go shopping with HH. We had a nice family dinner at home that night. We love the Fresh Market!!!

On Sunday, we went to church. {This is DD making her pig face on our way to church - wish you could hear the sounds effects that accompany the face.}

Then our Bible study group had a chili lunch after church. {More yummy fall food!}

And, Sunday night was trick-or-treat time!

DD was a Bumble Bee.

Our friends, the Whites, had a bunch of friends over for dinner {even more yummy fall food} and trick-or-treating fun.


It was a fun but exhausting weekend for all.

Especially the Bee.

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Kristen {a little ditty} said...

What a cute little bee!!