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Five {Halloween} Things Friday

  1. We are having a Murder Mystery party at work today. I'm the "mansion maid." I can't wait to see who killed Poppa Rotzi! Well, actually, I already know because I'm the host...but I can't wait to see how the events unfold! Should be fun!
  2. My nephew dressed up as a "little man" for his daycare Halloween party today. The picture my sister sent cracks me up! 
  3. DD is going to be a bumble bee for Halloween. I can't wait to see what she thinks about trick-or-treating!
  4. Do you know which hugely successful 1970's horror film had a budget so low that its cast wore their own clothes on set? It's Halloween. Halloween was one of the first films of the slasher genre and though it has gained iconic status, at the time of filming the cast wore their own clothing...including star actress Jamie Lee Curtis who spent less than $100 on her wardrobe at a JC Penny store.
  5. Looking for a spooky Halloween treat? Well, this one could actually be looking at you! It's gummy eyeballs in jello. S O O K Y !

    And here's a Halloween bonus...HH and I went to see Wicked earlier this month. {And loved it!!!} So, because I love it, and because it's Halloween...here's a peek at my very favorite witch...Gaaaa-linda! 

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