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WIWW {@ 10 weeks}

Hi friends!

I've decided to get back in the What I Wore Wednesday action over at The Pleated Poppy.

But, this time with a maternity twist.

Today I'm 10 weeks and 4 days preggers, and feeling pretty darn good {yay!}.

And, because I already have a hint of a baby bump {yes, I'm afraid it's true} I thought today would be a good day to get started.

Here's what I wore to work today:

{And it appears I'm having trouble finding my new center of gravity}

Dress: Banana {4 years old}
I love this dress for many reasons.
A) It was a surprise "happy fall" gift from HH.
B) It's a size 0...
Which I realize must be a labeling mistake
because I am not a size 0...
But, mistake or not, it still makes happy inside
to be wearing a size 0.
And, best of all, HH must have thought I could wear a size 0 since he picked it out. :)
C) It's a great transition piece. Perfect for those 100 degree first days of fall in Memphis. 

Here are the details:

Necklace: Off Saks. {A gift from HH from our first beach vacation.}

Earrings: Dazzle {Gift from my mom}

Shoes: Tahari {2 years old}
I LOVE these shoes, but I think they have seen better days.

And here's a look at my 10 week baby bump:

Whoa, baby!

I've always heard that you show sooner with your second pregnancy...but 9 weeks sooner?


Maybe I'm growing a football player in there! :)

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Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

I love the dress! Congratulations!