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WIWW {Ooops...}

In my last week to participate in What I Wore Wednesday, I failed to take even one picture of a single outfit I wore.

So instead, I give you....

Babies on Chickens!

I know. I'm crazy. But aren't they cute?

At least you can see part of my outfit in this picture {a dress I got at Ann Taylor Loft - for just $25}.

All-in-all, the WIWW experiment has taught me that I can enjoy the clothes that I already have even more if I allow myself a little bit of extra time to change things up with accessories. And, that there are days when it is ok to fall back on that trusty black dress and flip flops {like I did today}.

Lindsey, thanks for letting me join in the fun!

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M.O.T.B said...

Hysterical!! Take pics this week!