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and other reasons I'm a Chipper Chickie...


It's ALMOST...


{And, I'm just a little bit excited about football season.}

Here's a little something to help get you fired up:

And if blue grass music isn't your style, here's a new rap {yes, a rap} about the 2010 season.

It's called "Footvol" and it's brought to you by Swiperboy - the same UT student that did the Eric Berry for Heisman video {which I loved}.

AND....here's a picture that will bring a tear to your eye {if you're a Cannon, anyway}.

It's a picture of my brother-in-law getting ready to run through the T.

This Saturday will be the first time in five years that we won't see him down on the field. {tear}

But, it's a new era in Tennessee football.

And I'm excited!

Go VOLS Go!!!!!

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