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Five Things Friday

  1. HH and I have been painting our den this week. When I got home from work yesterday, HH had already gotten started on the built-ins, so I said to him, "Watch the baby while I go change." Well, while I was changing he shouted, "Come quick! We have an emergency!" As you can imagine, this statement makes a mother's heart drop. I made my way to the den as fast as I could, pulling my shirt over my head as I raced down the hall. And what sort of devastation did I find? A bright-eyed, smiley baby girl covered in white paint from head to toe. I couldn't help but laugh! What a relief to find that it wasn't a "real" emergency. {I sat her in the bathtub and tried to get pictures, but the little booger wouldn't sit still.} Unfortunately, she ruined a sweet Kissy Kissy dress. But I guess one dress in almost 10 months isn't that bad of a track record.
  2. DD is still a lover of all things food. This past week she enjoyed her first taste of Memphis style bbq and mashed potatoes. YUM!!! {And it appears that she also knows to smile for the camera - which I found hilarious! ha!}
  3. DD is growing more and more fond of books. She likes to read and re-read. And then read again. I think she mainly likes to turn the pages.
  4. From the looks of the above pictures it would seem that our baby is always naked. But I promise I dress her everyday. And her clothes are adorable. But then again, so is a naked baby.
  5. HH and I have a date night with a sweet couple tonight! We are trying a newish restaurant called Thyme. {Yay!} I'll let you know our thoughts on the food. And, in other date night news...HH surprised me with tickets to Wicked! I am so excited!!!!! It's not until October, but it's always nice to have something fun to look forward to!

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Shannon said...

Ok...totally random.
I was looking through some Memphis blogs and ended up here and I realized I went to high school with your husband (I actually graduated with Kara, we were best friends in high school) Such a small world! You little girl is PRECIOUS!!!