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What I Wore Wednesday


This is week one of my month-long experiment to document what I wear each day. {I figured it would help me take more time to get myself ready each day so I can look purdy for my hubby and to fall back in love with the clothes I already have in my closet.}


Outfit 1: Taking DD to the pediatrician before work. {Like that laundry drying action in the background?}

shirt: Banana Republic.
shorts: Ann Taylor Loft.
shoes: Vineyard Vines.
sunglasses on head {I now realize that I do this often}: Eyewear Gallery.
That cute accessory is my sick baby girl {double ear infection}.
DD's outfit: A baby shower gift.

Outfit 2: Off to work...and I don't look excited about it.

shirt: Same shirt as above.
skirt: Banana Republic {had it for 2 years and this is the first time I've worn it}.
shoes: Dillard's.
purse: Michael Kors factory outlet {love this purse - 5 years old}.
necklaces: Gift from HH.
gold hoops: Gift from baby brother.

Close up of the skirt. Why haven't I worn this before?
{So far, this experiment is working. I love this skirt.}

Funky angle, but a better shot of the necklaces.
I think they are from Banana.

Outfit 3: HH's softball game.

shirt: Ann Taylor Loft.
shorts: Same shorts from Dr. visit outfit.
shoes: Vineyard Vines {similar to the ones above, but this pair has cute little whales on them}.
hat: FREE father's day gift from Vineyard Vines store {HH let me have it b/c the colors are girly}.
cute accessory: Happy and active baby {thanks to modern medicine}.


Outfit 1: Ok, this is the black dress/black flops combo I warned you about last week. Sorry, but it's so comfy. I wore this all day {work and packing}.  

dress: Target.
shoes: Joseph {total splurge, but I LOVE them}.
Side note: Joseph is actually an important part of the
history of fashion retail in America. Read about it here.
necklace: gift from the in-laws.

Trying to get a shot of the earrings. Got them in China Town for $5 or $6.
I love them. They look just like these from Tiffany. Talk about the look for less!


Outfit 1: 8 hour drive to Florida.

I totally forgot to take a pictures of my outfit this day. {I blame it on the fact that I got up at 4:30 am.}

I wore a gray t-shirt dress from Ann Taylor Loft and my black Tory Burch flops from Joseph, along with my china town Tiffany look-a-like knot studs.

Outfit 2: Walk on the beach

I wore some light blue Nike running shorts and an I love NY t-shirt my college roommate gave me. Side note: I was wearing this t-shirt while watching the news as the towers fell on 9/11. I think about that moment every time I wear this shirt. Strike that. Upon further review, I was actually wearing a gray UT t-shirt. I have a picture to prove it. {But I did wear my I love NY t-shirt while writing this blog post.}

DD's wearing: dress from Baby Gap

Repeat of Outfit 1: Dinner at Boone Docks.

I slipped back into the gray dress and added a long silver and black necklace that Tootsie gave me. 


Outfit 1:  Seaside Fourth of July parade. {I also failed to to take a picture of this outfit.}

I wore blue J-Crew shorts, a short sleeved, white blouse from Banana Republic and gold flops from Old Navy.

Outfit 2: Seagrove Beach.

I choose not to show myself in a swimsuit. But, I will tell you that it was a black one-piece from Wal-Mart, pink Tory Burch rubber flops that were a gift from my baby brother and a cute black cover-up and sun hat that I got as a gift from my sister.

Outfit 3: Dinner and fireworks at the beach house - {this is when I remembered that I need to be taking pics of my outfits}.

shirt: Banana
shorts: J-Crew
shoes: Old Navy
necklace: monogrammed silver from Tootsie and Pop
earrings: china town knots


Outfit 1: Seagrove Beach.

I wore a pink tankini suit from Target, pink TB flops, and a blue dress from Macy's {It was $17 and it shrunk, so I decided it made a great cover-up}. : )

Outfit 2: Family pictures and dinner at George's. {Again, I failed to get a picture of this outfit.}

 I wore white, rolled up jeans from Target, a nude cami from Banana Republic and a pale pink tunic from New York & Company. I also had on the same silver jewelry I wore on Sunday.  


Outfit 1: Seaside Beach.

I wore a black and white tankini suit from Target, a black cover-up from Sister, and pink TB flops from Baby Brother. 

Outfit 2: Shopping at the outlet malls.

shirt: Anthropologie
pants: Target
shoes: Old Navy
earrings: Sugar and Spice - a gift from Granny


Outfit 1: Seagrove Beach.

I wore my pink Target suit, blue cover-up and pink flops.

Outfit 2: Dinner, shopping and a concert at Seaside.

shirt: Anthropologie
shorts: Ann Taylor Loft
shoes: Joseph

earrings: gift from Tootsie and Pop 
necklace: Silpada - gift from J-Frat

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Jess said...

You look so cute in every picture. I love your idea of falling back in love with the clothes you already have, brilliantly put. I am also admiring your daughter's outfit, she's pretty cute!

Justine said...

Your outfits look great! I love that white/cream skirt! 2 years?! The skirt looks great!

Chipper Chickie said...

Thanks guys! ;)

Chipper Chickie said...

Oh, Jess, I believe DD's dress came from Target. Gotta love Target!