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Go Sister, It's Your Burfday!

Happy Birthday, beautiful Sister of mine.

I know you're miserably pregnant right now, so I thought it would be nice to post a non-pregnant picture of you today.

Remember last year? When we were both pregnant on our birthdays? Wasn't that fun?

Ok, who am I kidding? We both hate being pregnant. But it was neat that we got to experience it together...just like we always talked about.

I was 15 weeks here {and felt huge}. You were 25 weeks.
This was our first mother's day.

Preggers on my 30th birthday.

 Pregnant sisters at your baby shower, four days after your birthday last year.

Here we are one year later. And you're, again, pregnant on your birthday. I opted not to join you this time. Sorry. {Not really}.

But, I am sooooo thankful for these little boogers. What sweet little gifts from God!

Aidan's birthday.

The day we brought DD home from the hospital.
My nose still looks pregnant.

Pregnancy is so very worth it in the end, isn't it?

On this day that your sweet little life began 28 years ago, I hope you get to prop your feet up and do nothing but eat cake and ice cream. You deserve it!

And remember, your sweet Ava will be here soon. And your swollen feet {and everything else that's horrible about pregnancy that I refuse to mention} will be a thing of the past.

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