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What I Wore Wednesday {Week 2}

This week I tried to pull out some oldies but goodies from the depths of my closet. It was very fun!

My key take aways from this week are:
1 - to make a hair appointment ASAP and
2 - to try harder to put on make-up before taking these pictures. :)

Be sure to check out The Pleated Poppy - my inspiration for this fun little project.


Outfit 1: Seagrove Beach. {sorry about the blurry shot}

cover-up: gift from Sister.
swimsuit: Wal Mart {and it's so cute!}
DD's wearing: a Lilly Pulitzer swimsuit I found for $4!!

Outfit 2: Dinner and shopping in San Destin. {forgot to snap a picture of this outfit}

I wore a white v-neck tissue t-shirt and blue shorts from J.Crew, silver jewelry and Vineyard Vines flip flops.


Outfit 1: Shopping in Rosemary and Watercolor. {again, forgot to take a picture}

I wore white Nike shorts, an orange and white tie died, v-neck Calvin Klein shirt and Vineyard Vines flip flops. I don't think I wore any jewelry.

Outfit 2: Seagrove Beach. {guess what I forgot to do}

I wore my pink Target swimsuit, pink Tory Burch flip flops and a black dress from Target as a cover-up.

Outfit 3: Dinner at Gravel Road.

dress: Banana Republic factory store.
gold shoes: Old Navy.
gold bangles: Gap.
gold hoops: Dazzle.


Outfit 1: 8 hour drive back to Memphis. {I wore this outfit all day}

shirt: Ann Taylor Loft.
shorts: Ann Taylor Loft.
shoes: Vineyard Vines.
earrings: gift from my former manager. {wish you could see them better - they are cute!}

SUNDAY {this is when I started to pull out some old school stuff}

Outfit 1: Working the nursery at church and then Sunday School.

shirt: Banana Republic {about 3 or 4 years old}.
pants: Ann Taylor {also about 3 years old}.
shoes: Old Navy.

necklace: extra-long strand of pearls - gift from HH.
earrings: dangle, flat pearls {about 8 years old}.

Outfit 2: Feeding the ducks with Sister and her family.

shirt: 4th of July Seaside shirt.
jeans: gift from Tootsie.
shoes: Vineyard Vines.


Outfit 1: Work and dinner at Soul Fish.

shirt: Charlotte Russe {about 4 years old}.
pants: same as Sunday.
gold bangles: Gap.
DD's wearing: a Carter's bubble {a gift from her Mimi}.

earrings: I bought these at JLM's Merry Marketplace about 5 years ago. {They were supposed to be a Christmas gift for someone, but I kept them for myself. Is that bad?}

shoes: gift from mom and rich {LOVE these shoes}.


Outfit 1: Work. {And I'm in the bathroom again - praying no one walks in on me.}

shirt: Banana Republic {5 years old}.
skirt: hand-me-down from my friend Alicia.
belt: Banana Republic.

necklace: gift from Dad and the girls {and my new obsession}.
earrings: China Town silver knots.

shoes: Payless {4 years old}.

Outfit 2: Dinner at Mellow Mushroom.

I wore a RL jean skirt, a terracotta colored t-shirt, my silver key necklace from earlier today and Vineyard Vines flip flops.


Outfit 1:  Work. {in the bathroom again.}

shirt: hand-me-down from Sister {you can't tell in this picture, but it has great bubble sleeves}.
skirt: Off Saks {a whopping 6.5 years old}.
sunglasses: worn on top of my head {a summer staple}.

Close-up of the skirt b/c I love the detail.
Fun fact about this skirt: I was wearing it when HH proposed to me.

earrings: handmade by my friend Angie {she was with me when I bought the skirt and made them to go with it}.

shoes: Target.


Ellen said...

The string of pearls is nice. :)

this blessed nest said...

i just got tickled laughing about you taking pics at work in the bathroom. so darn funny.

i swear i think my neighbors think i have totally lost it when it comes to taking pictures. they just shake their heads. what we'll do for a blog post....;)

all your outfits are adorbs. love that baby on your hip too!

Chipper Chickie said...

Thanks! :)

Kristin said...

Great summer outfits! You make me laugh with your pictures in the bathroom. Your little one is simply adorable!