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Dinner and a Movie

Daddy Steve, B, Hannah and Felicity stopped by to see us last night.

We went to eat at Soul Fish Cafe {one of my favs} and then watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland {one of Hannah's favs}.

Hannah {a budding artist} recently painted this watercolor of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland for a future Gwyneth Paltrow fundraiser {in conjunction with the release of her upcoming film Country Strong} for Gabe's Chemo Duck.

In Country Strong, Paltorw's character works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Gabe {Hannah's friend} plays the role of the wish kid in the film. Gabe and Hannah are childhood cancer survivors...and both were wish kids in real life, too.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit {and for my sweet b-day gift}.

And, Hannah, I hope your watercolor brings in the big bucks for Gabe's Chemo Duck!

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