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Five Things Friday

  1. We fed the ducks that live in the pond by Sister's house this week. DD decided that she was hungrier than the ducks and ate the bread herself. {The group pictures didn't turn out} :(
  2. DD got her first bruise this week. A big ole goose egg. If she's anything like her mama, it'll be the first of many.
  3. I'm dreaming of Tomato Pie. My sister-in-law made one during our vacation last week and I can't stop thinking about it. It's quite possibly the best thing I ate the entire week.
  4. The air conditioner is out in my car again. {There must be a freon leak.} I rode to work with a bag of ice in my lap to keep cool.
  5. I see housework in my future. First dinner and dancing, and then housework. But, fun housework. Painting projects. {Yay!} In addition to painting some trim work in various rooms of the house, I'd really like to paint our front door. I'm thinking a pop of color would be nice. Any suggestions?
This is a picture of our house from two years ago.
HH has added some landscaping to the front yard since then.

This picture is from the listing when we bought the house.
{I really need to take some new pics}

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