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Five Things Friday

  1. The purple and gold flowers in our lobby at work have had me singing my high school alma matter {in my head} all week. Here's to our purple and gold...
  2. Did you know that there is a whole world of Kit Kat flavors out there? I had no idea! Until I read an article about it in the global edition of Advertising Age. In fact, in Japan, there are so many different flavors that Jen {an American teaching English in Japan} has a blog that journals her mission to try as many flavors as possible before returning home to the U.S. They change flavors every 6 weeks or so, so there's always something new to try. Here's a flavor sampling: miso soup Kit Kat, wasabi Kit Kat, corn Kit Kat, sports drink Kit Kat, chili Kit Kat, and soy sauce flavored Kit Kat, to name a few. So, where do you purchase these amazing flavors if you can't get to Japan? Napa Japan, an online Japanese variety store. Enjoy!
  3. HH had a softball game last night. The weather was perfect and all of DD's sweet friends were there to watch their daddy's, too. HH hit the game winning run. Way to go, Daddy!
  4. So, I think I'm hooked on TLC's Police Women of Memphis. I LURVE the episode titles: Get Your Grill On and Whose Hair is This? I mean, come on. Who wouldn't watch that? Here's a bit more about the show just in case those titles did nothing for you: The latest installment of the hit POLICE WOMEN franchise moves to Memphis to follow four female officers with the Memphis Police Department (MPD). These brave women will juggle intense cop drama and action, all while balancing kids, husbands and life at home. With a population of over 1 million, Memphis is consistently ranked amongst the most dangerous cities in the United States. The officers of the MPD must be highly skilled and ready for anything. {including weave and grillz}
  5. We leave tomorrow morning {at 4:30 a.m.} for a week vacation at Seagrove beach! {YAY!} And, I am happy to report that the beach is oil free! {Yippee!} While I was packing DD's suitcase last night she was giggling and bouncing around in her crib. I think she's as excited as I am.

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