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Double Trouble

Darling Daughter has her first official ear infection.

In both ears. {Poor baby girl.}

Somehow she mustered up enough energy to help me with the laundry this morning.

Not that she was happy about it.

I hate laundry!

But, who really enjoys doing the laundry?

I guess I don't mind it as long as I can take breaks to kiss on those fat little arms and yummy double chin.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! I have pictures like this of my lil' man. I'll show them to his future wife, one day. Haha. The joys of being a mom. :)

That's terrible news about little one's ears. I know ear infections are hard on everyone. I can't imagine them in both ears. Well, actually, I can, since I get them all the time. But not for a baby! I hope she starts feeling well very soon.

By the way, I'm stopping by from MBC. I'm subscribing to your posts. Feel free to stop by my blog, as well. :)

Hope you and yours have a very safe and happy holiday weekend.

Echo @ Barely Mommy