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Picnic in the Park

The Morgan Cousins are in town! And, they are so grown up - Cannon hit a home run at his baseball game, Ellie just had her first ballet recital, Hallie Ann is letting her hair grow long, and Asher {who looks three years old, but isn't even two yet} can talk!

This past Sunday we went for a picnic at McVay Park.

Cannon and Pop cooked hotdogs...

And we roasted marshmallows...

And played...

When it got dark, we caught lightning bugs, and Handsome Hubby taught the kids how to make a torch out of sticks and napkins {not sure Smokey the Bear would approve}.

Then, Asher and Cannon found this little guy.

Pop and HH could not tell if he was a snake or a frog. And, no one really wanted to get close enough to find out. Finally, Pop asked me to take a picture and zoom in to find out for sure. Luckily, it was a frog. The kids had fun chasing him around.

Isn't summer the best?

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